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Long-term Maintenance

Is Your Program Connected?

Baritastic is the most robust app for bariatric surgery – built for both pre and post-op patients.  Track nutrition Daily Journal Track Exercise Sync Wearable Devices and Track Steps Access Bariatric Friendly Recipes Create a Photo Timeline Set-up Vitamin and Supplement Reminders Set-up Water Reminders And Much More And now your program can connect. Why Connect?  Shorten the time to surgery and reduce patient fall-out. Improve patient support and engagement. Read More

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Bariatric Surgery: Pay For Performance?

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Pay for performance is the new buzzword in healthcare. Centers of Excellence, MBSQAIP and other accredidations have been around for years. How does pay for performance differ and how might it apply to bariatric surgery? How do bariatric programs prepare for pay for performance? Background Currrently, facilities are able to show a commitment to quality with the MBSQAIP accredidation. The MBSQAIP stands for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Accreditation and Quality Read More

More Than Family Practice – Adding Weight Management

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Family practice physicians are moving towards managing obesity. Not only does this create an extra revenue stream for the physician, patients need it. Does This Sound Familiar? Patient comes in for her annual check-up. Doctor says, ‘You need to lose weight. You’re at risk for diabetes, high cholesterol and you already have sleep apnea.’ The patient says, ‘Ok. I’ll work on that.’ The following year the same conversation takes place. Read More

Apps In Google Search Results – Improve Your SEO

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Today Google announced it would start showing apps in search results when a search is done on an Android device. As we know, bariatric surgery is a competitive field. Higher rankings on Google lead to more website traffic and ultimately more potential patients. How Do I Market My Bariatric Program With An App? One of the questions that we always get when a potential customer is considering an app is, Read More

Why Your Bariatric Seminar Attendance Is Low

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If you’re like most hospitals or bariatric practices you’ve probably noticed your weight loss surgery seminar attendance drop over the last few years. And if you’ve been around for 10 years or more, you’ve definitely noticed the drop-off. Before discussing the specifics of why attendance has decreased, let’s look at why seminars are important. 1.)    They force potential patients to take action. Getting out of the house and admitting that Read More

Marketing Bariatric Surgery – A Better Way

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Marketing your bariatric surgery practice or a bariatric program at your hospital is not an easy task. In most medium sized US cities, there are at least 3 to 4 different hospitals offering bariatric surgery and typically more than 3 bariatric clinics. Each practice usually has one or more surgeons with bariatric experience or bariatric training and they are all competing for the same patients. There is a lot of competition Read More

A Tool For Your Patients

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Weight loss surgery works. But it can take up to 6 months to make it to surgery for many patients. Staying focused, making appointments, getting questions answered quickly and knowing that you’re making the right decision are all factors that, if not addressed, can lead to a patient ‘backing-out’ of surgery and not getting the help they desperately need to lose weight. For those patients that make it to surgery, Read More