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How it works





You tell us what features you’d like your App to include.




We build and customize an App for your practice or facility.




You offer it to your patients free of charge.




Baritastic integration includes all of the features below and then some. Custom Apps can include all of the features below or only a few. If you don’t see a feature that you’d like included (i.e. non-surgical weight loss programs) let us know.

My journey icon

My Journey

An overview of where you are in your journey, your weight loss graph and your pictures.

Weigh Me

Weigh Me

Easily keep track of your weight and your progress to your target weight.

About Us

Tell new patients all about your practice.

Bariatric timer.

Bariatric Timer

Keep time intervals between meals and fluids. Notifies users when enough time has passed after drinking to eat and vice versa.

Contact Bariatric Coordinator

Contact John

And your name doesn’t have to be John. We customize the App so that your future patients know you by name.

Support Group

Put your support group in your patient's pocket with our online support group feature.

Our Physicians

Patients can view your physicians and easily request an appointment with the office.

Vitamins and supplement reminder

Vitamins and Supplements

Set daily reminders to take your vitamins and supplements.


Give your patients an easy way to find your practice or hospital. It uses GPS to tell your patients the quickest way to you.

Ask Our Dietitian

Give your patients an easy way to ask your dietitian a question.


Let your patients easily request an appointment, even if the office is closed.

Discharge Instructions

Discharge Instructions

Make it easy for your patients to find their discharge instructions. Reduce post-op phone calls.


See the schedule of weight loss seminars and support groups. RSVP through the App!


Give your patients healthy recipes to support their continued weight loss success.

Pre Op Diet

Pre-Op Diet

A great way to remind patient's what they should be eating before surgery.

Online Seminar

Put your seminar online. This is a great way to educate potential patients about the value of your weight loss services.

Newbie Checklist

Newbie Checklist

New bariatric surgery patients have a lot to do. Stay on track with reminders and a pre-populated checklist - Psych Eval, Insurance Pre-approval, Physician Supervised Diet, etc.

Bariatric patient journal.


Journal daily thoughts and progress notes. Rate hunger and happiness in an easy to use daily journal.

Wearable tracker app integration

Wearable Integration

Connect Fitbit, Jawbone Up or Apple Health Kit to your app. Users can track steps in your branded app.

Wi-fi scale app integration

Wi-Fi Scale Integration

Connect your Aria or Withings wi-fi connected scales. Just stand on the scale and your weight data shows up in your app.

Exercise Tracking In Your App

Exercise Tracking

Track strength and aerobic exercises. Automatically calculates calories burned.

Full Featured Nutrition Tracking

Now your patients can log everything they eat and drink. Calories, carbohydrates, protein, fat, and water are all tracked. Set goals, lose more weight. All on YOUR app.