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Baritastic - Why Your Program Should Connect

Better Support, More Patients

The #1 app for bariatric surgery connects with your bariatric program!

Why Connect?

Connecting with your program via the Baritastic app opens up content specific to your program within the app.

  • Calendar of events
  • Diet Guidelines
  • Instructions
  • Our Team
  • Contact Us
  • FAQ’s
  • Education Modules
  • Online Seminar
  • Vitamins and Supplements

Keeping your program-specific content easily accessible can reduce pre-op and post-op phone calls, improve compliance, and improve a patient’s overall experience.

Automatic event reminders will remind your patients about upcoming seminars and support groups 24 hours before the event. They can RSVP through the app and have the event added to their calendar so they don’t forget to show up. You get notified of the RSVP as well.

When patients connect to your program it also allows you to monitor their weight loss, nutrition, exercise, and more from our HIPAA compliant dashboard. Create amazing reports that you can share with your patients. Make better recommendations based on real data. And when your patients actually track what they eat, they are more likely to lose more weight and keep it off. And the clinical studies support this – Kaiser study shows double the weight loss for those that track their food.
Bariatric Nutrition Report Bariatric Nutrition Report Page 2 Bariatric Nutrition Report Page 5 Bariatric Nutrition Report Page 6

From your dashboard you can send push notifications reminding users about upcoming events. You can send out motivational messages and messages that advocate for your patients from a nutritional standpoint, “Remember – try get at least 64 ounces of water a day ~ Your Bariatric Program”

And you can drive compliance with conditional reminders. Conditional reminders are triggered when a user does something within the app. You set up the trigger and write the message that is displayed. For example:

  • User hasn’t logged food in 2 days then this message: “You haven’t logged food in 2 days. This is an important part of the program. Get back to it! ~ Denise Smith, RD”
  • User hasn’t weighed-in in over a week, “It’s time to weigh-in! ~ Dr. Smith”
  • User logged 7 days of food in a row, “Great job logging food! Keep up the good work. ~ Maria Santos, RD”

How Do Patients Connect?

Your patients can enter a code into the Baritastic app. Once entered, your specific content is opened up in the app and you can now monitor that patient in your dashboard.

We provide you with posters and referral cards to help get the word out. The referral card is also a great way to market your program and get new patients.

How Does This Help Market My Program?

More weight loss with sustained results means more long-term referral sources. Staying connected, educated, and able to access and attend support groups keeps your patients more compliant. And when your patients know that you can monitor their nutrition and exercise, they are more likely to use the trackers, pay attention to what they put on their plate, and lose more weight.

BariApps provides each of it’s Baritastic customers with custom posters and referral cards. The posters can be used in consultation rooms and lobbies. But they can also be used as the last slide in your seminars. Everyone that leaves your seminar should have the app on their phone.

It may be three weeks later when they are on the Baritastic support group and see others success that they decide, “I need to do this now!” Or it may be an automatic push notification sent out to those users that are connected but still in the ‘Considering It’ phase that invites them for a free one-on-one consultation that gets them to pick up the phone and get started.

Referral Cards

Our custom referral cards can be used to reach out to referring physicians (OB/GYN’s, PCP’s, Endocrinologists) and have a quick conversation that sounds like this:

“Hi Dr. Smith. I know you don’t offer weight loss surgery. We do and we’d like to offer your patients that should consider bariatric surgery this totally free app. They can track their food, access healthy recipes, learn about bariatric surgery, and if they need more help they can get started in our program with this code.”

Bariatric program integration.Most referring physicians give out names and numbers of bariatric programs to patients that qualify. But they see those same patients back six months later and the patient has done nothing.  Now, the referring physician can give their patients a real tool to learn about weight loss surgery and get started in your program.

Program Listing on ObesityCoverage.com

Your program also gets listed on the largest bariatric surgery information site in North America, ObesityCoverage.com.

Baritastic integration is the only way to get listed on ObesityCoverage.com. Over 800 people every day visit the program finder on the website.

How Does Your Program Get Connected?

It’s inexpensive, quick to set up and you have a 60 day money-back guarantee. Give us a call today, 888-978-8431 or request a demo.