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Is Your Program Connected?

Baritastic is the most robust app for bariatric surgery – built for both pre and post-op patients. 

  • Track nutrition
  • Daily Journal
  • Track Exercise
  • Sync Wearable Devices and Track Steps
  • Access Bariatric Friendly Recipes
  • Create a Photo Timeline
  • Set-up Vitamin and Supplement Reminders
  • Set-up Water Reminders
  • And Much More

And now your program can connect.

Why Connect? 

  • Shorten the time to surgery and reduce patient fall-out.
  • Improve patient support and engagement.
  • Improve long-term follow-up.
  • Create amazing patient reports that help drive compliance.
  • Send reminders to keep your patients on track.
  • Set-up automatic reminders based on surgery date.
  • Set-up automatic reminders based on food logging and weight lost.
  • Set-up your patients’ seminar to surgery checklists with reminders.
  • Alerts when new patients join your program and are ‘Considering It.’
  • Alerts when patients check off items in their checklist.
  • Robust program data that can be used to shape your program’s guidelines.
  • Get more patients.

Within the Baritastic app your patients can see and access: 

  • Your program name and logo.
  • Your calendar of events with the ability to RSVP.
  • Reminders 24 hours before events.
  • Your diet guidelines.
  • Your discharge instructions.
  • Your vitamins and supplements recommendations or online store.
  • Your education modules.
  • Your online seminar.
  • Your non-surgical weight loss program.
  • Your team.
  • Key contacts to get questions answered quickly.
  • Seminar to surgery checklist with reminders.
  • Messages and reminders from your team.

Can't Wait For ObesityWeek?

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