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A Tool For Your Patients

How Our Apps Can Help Your Patients

Weight loss surgery works. But it can take up to 6 months to make it to surgery for many patients.

Staying focused, making appointments, getting questions answered quickly and knowing that you’re making the right decision are all factors that, if not addressed, can lead to a patient ‘backing-out’ of surgery and not getting the help they desperately need to lose weight.

For those patients that make it to surgery, most will lose weight after surgery. But bariatric surgery does not guarantee long-term success.

The surgery is only a tool to get your patients weight down. The long-term success of your patients relies on a number of different factors. These include:

1.)    Support from friends, family and other bariatric surgery patients.

2.)    Permanent changes in exercise and diet habits.

3.)    Accountability.

We’ve created a Smartphone App to help your patients succeed. The App focuses on what your patients need both before and after surgery to ensure long term weight loss.

Here’s how:

Put your support group at their fingertips.

If you don’t offer your patients some sort of online support group, its worth thinking about. It seems like we are busier than ever and making it to a monthly in-person support group meeting can be difficult. Attending meetings after years of not going is even tougher. Patients often get hunger urges or start to cheat their diet when a meeting is not right around the corner to help them get back on track. For these reasons an online support group is helpful. Putting the support group in your app makes it even easier for your patients to access and get their questions answered quick.

Seeing an active online support group gives new patients the knowledge that there is support available when its needed.

Make it easy to ask questions and get them answered.

An unanswered question can lead your patients to think the worst case scenario. For instance, a patient may read online that gastric bypass surgery has very serious complication risks. They may decide not to have surgery because they are afraid of the risks. If that same patient was able to ask a question to your Patient Liaison or Bariatric Coordinator they would have learned that the risk of a serious complication is very low.

Our Apps encourage the patient to get their questions answered fast, by your staff. If the patient has a question, they can type it into the App and your staff will receive an email. They can either call the patient, respond by voicemail or ask the patient to make an appointment so that the physician can answer the question properly. The patient gets his or her question answered and can continue with their journey towards weight loss surgery.

Make it easy to get vitamins & supplements.

Your online store (i.e. bariatric advantage store) can be linked through our App and the App can set push notification to remind your patients buy more.

Keep your patients motivated with weight and picture tracking.

Your patients can easily see their progress via their weight graph or a quick look at their picture timeline. One reason many diets fail is because most people do not see their progress. The graphs and picture timeline show the patient the progress that they’ve made and keep them focused on continuing to make further progress.

Do you want to offer your patients a tool to help them make it to surgery, keep them motivated, accountable and able to successfully keep the weight off?

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