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Bariatric Surgery

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Baritastic – Why Your Program Should Connect

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The #1 app for bariatric surgery connects with your bariatric program! Why Connect? Connecting with your program via the Baritastic app opens up content specific to your program within the app. Calendar of events Diet Guidelines Instructions Our Team Contact Us FAQ’s Education Modules Online Seminar Vitamins and Supplements Keeping your program-specific content easily accessible can reduce pre-op and post-op phone calls, improve compliance, and improve a patient’s overall experience. Automatic event Read More

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Bariatric Surgery: Pay For Performance?

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Pay for performance is the new buzzword in healthcare. Centers of Excellence, MBSQAIP and other accredidations have been around for years. How does pay for performance differ and how might it apply to bariatric surgery? How do bariatric programs prepare for pay for performance? Background Currrently, facilities are able to show a commitment to quality with the MBSQAIP accredidation. The MBSQAIP stands for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Accreditation and Quality Read More

3 Technologies Your Bariatric Practice Should Be Using

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Technology is always changing and trying to incorporate everything into your bariatric practice is difficult and often a waste of time. When the next ‘new thing’ is launched, the technology you’ve just spent hours learning gets tossed aside. Remember MySpace? Instead of always playing catch-up, this article discusses 3 technologies that are here to stay. Each of the technologies below are inexpensive, easy to set-up and provide an immediate benefit Read More

Bariatric Surgery Seminars

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Have you ever finished up a bariatric surgery seminar and said to yourself, “This is a waste of time”? The Current State Of Seminars Today, its normal for only 3 to 5 people show up for bariatric surgery seminars. Food is often provided and a Bariatric Coordinator has spent hours the week prior coordinating. The surgeon spends about an hour or more speaking to these 5 people. If everyone is Read More